Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where does the time go?

I found where the time goes. It goes out the window.

After getting hired by Synergy Charter Schools to build their RSP program at the brand new Quantum Academy High School, the only mantra I heard by the principal and board members was, "there are never enough hours in the day."

So true. So true.

But you know, we be racing now. And I'm actually getting better. The key to it all is keeping it in your brain. I know the big thing in cross right now is to "freak out" as is popular on the East Coast. I'm the exact opposite: go as fast as possible while still keeping the brain open. When I keep the brain open, the first lap is perfect:

Keep it upright, try not to put too many people in the tape, find the group, go go go.

I try to get a quick head count sometime during the first lap just to see how I fell in the hustle. It sounds lame, but top 16 through the first few corners works for me thus far.

The middle laps are all about finding the tempo, hitting the lines, staying off the brakes, and looking way ahead for the next group to latch on to.

Last lap: redemption. Always redemption. Get it back.

I love cross because it's all about me: about what I can pour into an effort, about how well I set my bike up, about my mental choices, my toughness, and my focus.

People have their niche, and 'cross is mine.


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