Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Excitement and Danger of the Charter

So it has been awhile, and mainly because a lot has changed since the last post. No one reads. It's okay, this is slowly turning into a chronicle of my life just in case I go crazy enough to lose my memory.

I'm now residing in Long Beach, and it has been quite the move. What a fantastic city.

I've been training pretty hard, and fortunate enough to live in a cycling friendly city (though it is completely lacking in the 'mountains' department).

Interestingly enough, my offer with Celerity was rescinded within a few weeks of it being initially offered.

Remember that whole, "no job with Celerity without CSUDH" deal? That came back to haunt. CSUDH was utterly ineffective in processing my paperwork and, when Celerity called to check on my status, a lady in the department actually said that I didn't exist on paper, and was not even in the program!!

So, yea, they let me go. Unfortunately, it was the way they took back their offer that stunned me. Within a few weeks of being offered my spot, I get a letter with 2 sentences, effectively saying that we're taking back your offer. Unfortunately, instead of saying "we are rescinding your offer," it was instead phrased as, "we are RESENDING your offer."

So you can see where I would be a bit confused. I figured that after driving countless hours and delivering a fantastic demo lesson that I would be at least given a phone call. I can't expect to be hired if i'm technically not even a student eligible for the program (although, if they would have waited a few weeks, they would have seen the opposite). Still, the lack of respect shown to me left my feelings hurt, but it also left me with insane amounts of motivation to show the error of their ways.

After moving to Long Beach, I was given a hot tip about a job from a very grateful professor, and I went after it. Hardcore. I was in the principals face over the phone, via email. No one could shake me. After a series of interviews, I was offered ANOTHER special education job.


So now we got this sweet new pad and I've got myself a sweet new job (though there are still copious amounts of paperwork left) and things seem a bit more stable. very nice.

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