Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lomita. That's fun to say. Loowww-meeee-tuuuuh

Oh man!!!  You readers must've yearned for this post!!

Lomita is where I am now.  Through a series of intended events (a break-up, not wanting to live in Long Beach, my getting re-hired with a sweet bonus and pay raise, realizing living alone is kinda rad), I am now in this cute little pocket community.

There's a lot that happens in this little area, and I'm finding the proximity to Torrance, Palos Verdes, and the adjoining beach communities to be a pleasant, and cleaner change from Long Beach.

Teaching is interesting.  As certain things in my life changed, I found a great deal of stress, or maybe the feeling of judgement, or maybe the anxiety of performance, leave my being.  It's been a refreshing change, and my students responded positively with a great push through the end of April to now.  Those freaking kids, man.

"Hey Mr. Smith, you know what tastes good with ice cream?"



"Aaaaand you're done."

So, aside from the obvious missteps, over-shares, and abundant swearing, my students are starting to take school seriously.  I really think that they can tell that us teachers care.  Legitimately.  Yes, it has been a short school year, but I have been harping on these kids for the entirety of this year, despite the following:
"I hate this class."
"Fuck this shit."
"Get out of my face."
"Shut up mister."
"I'm getting out of here!"
"I hate being in sped, I hate this shit!"

But they love me, sort of.

And guess what??  It's almost 'cross season.  :-)

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