Saturday, November 20, 2010

teacher tries to go fast

chillin with Mr. Chris Horner at Storm the Beach CX

As I watch the San Diego State Aztecs lay the hammer down on Utah, I'm reminded of how much fun college was and how much I really enjoyed school.

As far as school goes, I have made it now to the final step of the Teach for America process. And what a process it has been. Each stage of the selection has had its weird moments. The winner for most awkward moment: having a phone interview with a sick and sniffling former teacher. I couldn't understand a word she said. With each sentence more confusing and congested than the last, I was forced to ask to have this lady repeat the questions multiple times. I was sure I failed, but then again, maybe apprehension is a good thing, because I was soon passed on to the final round of interviewing. A face to face and group interview is next. How they decide who will be a good teacher through group interviewing is beyond me. The only true test is through teaching lessons in front of students, staff and administrators (I have at least 30 peers that can attest to this).

Cyclocross is winding down. Sad, sad days. Upgrading to category 3 has been a painful endeavor. Racing with the PROs (and by racing, I mean the first 4 minutes of the first lap) is no joke. It's nice to keep riders like Sid Taberlay, Brian Lopes and even Mr. Chris Horner in eyesight for a few corners, but when the legs and lungs begin to suffer, the aspiring teacher must be wise and back it down a notch. It's one thing to push the limits for a few minutes, but it's an entirely different test when asked to push the red for 60 minutes.

An hour of cross racing is no joke.

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